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CBOSS solutions work at all levels of the IT infrastructure and support convergent real-time billing, comprehensive customer care and CRM, dealer and network management coupled with a wide range of value-added products, decision support systems, and enterprise management tools.

CBOSS offers separate products and vertically integrated solutions, while guaranteeing full interoperability of all components and modules, and a strong product roadmap.

CBOSS continuously invests in development of new technology and its solutions support 3G and new 4G networks.

CBOSSconvergence3 - End-to-end Integrated Convergent Solution

CBOSSprepaid - Intelligent Prepaid Platform
CBOSSrtb - Real-time Billing System

CBOSSnrtrde - NRTRDE Support Subsystem
CBOSSra - Revenue Assurance
CBOSSbcc - Billing and Customer Care System
CBOSSroam - Roaming Management System
CBOSSinterConnect - Automated Interconnect Settlements System


CBOSSmcm - Marketing Campaign Management
CBOSSbonus - Bonus Management System
CBOSSwcc - Web Customer Care Interface
CBOSSacc - Automatic Customer Care
CBOSSics - Internet Customer Service system

CBOSSisp - Internet Sales Point
CBOSSacr - Internet Cash Register

CBOSSip - Internet Platform

CBOSSmcms - Mobile Content Management System
CBOSScrbt - Color Ring Back Tones
CBOSSchat - Unified Messaging System
CBOSSaip - Assisting Intelligent Peripheral
CBOSSsimMenu - Java SIM Application Toolkit-Based Content Service Platform
CBOSSmms-album - Multimedia Album
CBOSSadvt - Advertisement management system

CBOSSota - Over-the-Air Mobile Device Management
CBOSScallMe - Notification Service
CBOSScallScreening - Call Filtering Service
CBOSScallBack - CallBack Service
CBOSSsplitCharging - Split Charging Service
CBOSSabd - Abbreviated Dialing System
CBOSSmissedCall - Missed Calls Notification Service
CBOSSnewNumber - Number Change Notification System
CBOSSuan - Universal Access Number

CBOSSvpn - Virtual Private Network

CBOSSsdp - Service Delivery Platform

CBOSSsms (NonStop) - Hi-End Short Message Service Center Built on NonStop
CBOSSismsgw - Intelligent SMS Gateway
CBOSSsms - Short Message Service Center
CBOSSmms - Multimedia Messaging Service Center
CBOSSussd - USSD Messaging Center
CBOSSsmsRouter - SMS Router
CBOSSvfmail - Voice/Fax Mail System
CBOSSussdLike - USSD-like Service Provisioning System
CBOSSyahoo2sms - SMS-to-Yahoo messenger Gateway
CBOSSicq2sms - ICQ-to-SMS Gateway
CBOSSemail2sms - Email-to-SMS Gateway
CBOSSvoiceSMS - Short Voice Message System

CBOSSnetInventory - PSTN Inventory Management System
CBOSStmn - Telecommunication Management Network System
CBOSSmdCDR - Automatic CDR Collection System
CBOSSmdDrive - External Resources Management System

CBOSSmis - Management Information System
CBOSSskc - Knowledge Base

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