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For any customer, CBOSS provides a full set of services for turnkey implementation, warranty and post-warranty support. Leveraging resources of marketing, implementation, technical support, and training services accomplish these tasks.  A typical launching takes sixteen weeks.

Routing all software development processes through the rigid quality control system, which relies on a three-level testing technology, ensures an unbeatable availability of CBOSS products in gradual product serialization and an overall system integrity. Our QC includes modular, complex and field-based testing - the latter is a trial operation by a running telco for new and modern technologies by CBOSS prior to all other clients.

A lot of operators, having a billing system (in-house developed or even industrial) are looking for extended functionality missing in their existing solutions. But what may stop them, is a concern about migration to a newer solution, which may be very painful and may lead to company's operation interference. By many cases, CBOSS has proved its extended experience in fast and accurate data migration from various billing systems without any interruption of service availability. A dedicated department is in charge for analysis, migration software development and implementation of the migration process. This does not involve any additional charges for implementation of CBOSS billing and CC.

We are committed to providing our clients with high quality technical support through dedicated expert teams that are available 24x7x365. Any customer inquiry is satisfied until complete resolution. Within the warranty period (one year) the technical support is free of charge.

Troubleshooting is built around a variety of in-house developed technologies. One of them, Version Control System, ensures the efficiency of technical support by maintaining configurations of on-site installations. This enables us to emulate the behavior of each client's system and ensure prompt responses to customer enquiries. Version Control System is also an ideal tool for monitoring the system and automatic delivery of software updates to customers via the Internet.

CBOSS offers its customers a plethora of services, including:

Implementation - A whole range of services for deployment of turnkey solutions... [read more]

Technical Support - High quality and prompt technical support of CBOSS products... [read more]

Technology Audit is a package of services for client companies running CBOSS products. It is designed to boost efficiency of CBOSS technologies and ensure performance and reliability of the software and hardware platform.
Technology audit is comprised of the following service packages:

  • Efficiency audit
  • Remote performance audit
  • Comprehensive technology audit.

[read more]


  • Technological Consulting. The technological consulting service focuses on designing client’s business processes and implementing client’s requirements with CBOSS products.
  • Product Development Support for the Client is focused on using CBOSS tools for efficient, system-based implementation of the Client’s business requirements for its marketing products, service designed to reduce technical and organizational risks for the telco.
  • Technological Consultant is designed for the clients requiring detailed instructions on technical implementation of products and marketing campaigns.

[read more]

Analytical CRM consulting empowered by CBOSSdm enables cost-efficient marketing research by leveraging constantly growing data marts. The operator can constantly maintain and improve its competitive edge by promptly answering the main question: “What do our customers need?”. The service is built around the Data Mining paradigm, enabling intelligent analysis and detection of implicit dependencies in the operator's database. [read more]

Support for Audits and Certifications CBOSS clients undergo a variety of audits and certifications, e.g. mandatory and voluntary financial audits, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance audits, merger/acquisition audits etc. All audit procedures in a telecommunications company inevitably concern CBOSSbcc Billing and Customer Care as it is an integral part of the carrier’s IT infrastructure storing large volumes of financial and customer data. CBOSS Corporation offers the ‘Support for Audits and Certifications’ service enabling telcos to ensure smooth, prompt and reliable audit procedures at minimum time and effort. [read more]

SANStart - Storage Area Network design and implementation services... [read more]

Training - Comprehensive training programs and courses for your staff to acquire perfect skills in any telecommunications area... [read more]

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